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Employment Status

In October 2016, the Employment Tribunal made a decision on the case relating to the Uber taxi drivers. The taxi drivers claimed that they were ‘workers’ under employment legislation. If true, this meant that they [...]

Redundancy and Mobility Clauses

When closing a place of work, employers occasionally try to rely on clauses in the employment contract giving them the right to require an employee to move to a new place of work. If successful, [...]

Dismissals and Expired Warnings

On several occasions the Courts have had to consider the extent to which an employer is entitled to take account of an expired warning when deciding whether to dismiss an employee. In a Scottish case [...]

Rest Breaks

Case law relating to the right of workers to take rest breaks during the working day is conflicting. The Working Time Regulations entitle a worker to an uninterrupted rest break of at least 20 minutes [...]

Disciplinary Investigations

If an employer wishes to dismiss an employee on the grounds of misconduct, then the employer must show that the grounds for dismissal have been investigated thoroughly and that it has reasonable grounds for concluding [...]

Holiday Pay

Holiday pay was always calculated by reference to an employee’s basic pay. In 2011 this principle was challenged in a case involving various British Airways employees, who successfully claimed that various allowances that they received [...]

Employees and Breastfeeding

In September 2016, an employment tribunal considered whether crew members employed by EasyJet who were still breastfeeding when they returned from maternity leave had suffered indirect gender discrimination as a result of the airline’s failure [...]

Is your dress code discriminatory?

Parliament is set to debate on whether employers requiring their female employees to wear high heels at work should be made illegal.  This follows a petition by Nicola Thorp who was sent home from work [...]

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination in the provision of services In the recent case of FirstGroup PLC v Paulley, the Supreme Court considered the extent to which reasonable adjustments should be made by a bus operator to accommodate [...]

The Christmas Party and Employers’ Liability

Background Christmas parties are sometimes a hot bed of issues for business owners and HR. With Christmas parties underway, the High Court has recently delivered a decision that provides a timely reminder on the extent of [...]

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