Personal Vaporizers and E-cigarettes are now often used as a replacement for cigarettes. But it is up to the Employer if they wish to allow their employees to use these products within the workplace or ban them. They full outside the smoke free legislation because smoking requires a substance to burn and the same rule for traditional smoking will not apply.

You might want to consider the impact banning it might have on someone wanting to use these devices to give up smoking, as their Employer it would always be good practice to have your support. Whilst supporting them you may not want it inside the offices but to provide them with an area outside to smoke if achievable.

You also have to consider the effects on other employees if you do allow these products in your workplace, which would include company car sharing. Passive inhalation is still an issue as it is unknown what the true long term health effects these devices can have.

Which ever rule you decide, you must make it clear in your policies and procedures and all members of staff must be aware of this change.

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